9 reasons to love summer

Besides the gorgeous warm weather, here are a few reasons why summer is my favorite time of year:

1. Watermelon. There is nothing like biting into a fresh, juicy watermelon and having the juice drip down your chin.  I love it; and to me, watermelon just SCREAMS summer!!
2.  PinkBerry.  I know I can have PinkBerry any time of year, but there is something about enjoying this      frozen delight in summer that is just…..amazing.  It’s light, tasty, and when you cover it in fresh fruit like I like to do, it’s a healthy summery treat!

3. Fishing.  Sitting out by a lake, staring out into the still water, smelling the fresh air….ahhhh.  Of course it doesn’t hurt to bring some delicious picnic food and have friends and family to talk and laugh with! What’s even better? Catching some fish that you can take home and grill for a delicious and healthy dinner!







4. Farmer’s Markets. Supporting the local community, stocking up on the freshest vegetables, freshly-laid eggs, local honey, and artisan breads- what a great way to spend a Saturday morning.  I love talking to the growers, listening to music, sampling food, and just taking in the whole experience.







5. Sweet tea and bike rides.  I had to put these two together because I had the perfect picture for it. I like to ride my bike, get some sweet tea on the way, and enjoy my city on two wheels.  Want to know the ultimate way to spend a summer Saturday? Riding my bike the farmer’s market and buying some sweet tea on the way.  Now that’s heaven.







6. Basil limeade.  I posted last summer about Susan Branch’s recipe for this scrumptious summery concoction.  You sweeten it with sweetened condensed milk, and it’s creamy, citrusy, and so fresh tasting.  I’m drooling just thinking about it!










7.  Long days.  I love waking up when it’s sunny, and still having hours of daylight after I get home from work.  I always feel like I’m getting much more out of my day!







8.  Picnics. Sure, you have to fend off bugs and keep the sun out of your eyes, but some foods just taste better when eaten outside!  We always “do it up right” when it comes to picnics……tablecloths and cloth napkins, delicious food, and citronella candles!









9. The Beach.  Need I say more?  Soft sand, playing in the water, cherry lemonade and cheese-on-a-stick, frozen bananas dipped in chocolate, reading magazines, and soaking in the sun……that’s what going to the beach means to me!

Hope you’re having a great summer!  Enjoy it while it lasts!

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2 Responses to 9 reasons to love summer

  1. Johna says:

    >Your bike is amazing. I would love to have one of those cruisers like I had as a child. Your list hits the summer nail on the head. Have you ever tried yellow watermelon? It's almost as wonderful as the traditional pink one and looks great in fruit salads adding a sunny complement to grapes and the other fruits.

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