American Apparel Nail Polish Review

Because I don’t have enough nail polish (yeah, right!), I recently purchased 6 nail polishes from American Apparel for $30 plus tax.  They offer a discount when you buy in sets of 3, so I thought that would make the most sense. 😉 These polishes are DBP, toluene and formaldehyde-free and manufactured in the U.S.

The shades I purchased were Hunter, Passport Blue, Butter, Office, Peacock, and Mouse.  I must say, I’m quite impressed with these polishes.  I love the creamy formula- no sparkle, shimmer, or glitter in sight.  The formula itself is neither too runny nor too thick. Like Goldilocks said, “it’s juuuuusst right!”

Here is Office, a true pale mint green.  I’ve tried other mints, and this one is my favorite! Not too bright or cloying, it’s a very soft and flattering tone.

Office- After 6 days of wear

I also love Peacock–a perfect mix between blue and green with a hint of dustiness to make it more wearable.  Very unique and truly gorgeous, and completely opaque with only one coat.

My only complaint about these polishes would be the size of the brush.  It’s a little small/narrow, which increases your chances of a sloppy application with visible brush strokes.

You can purchase these polishes at any American Apparel store, or on their website. Check for coupon codes, as they recently just had 30% off plus free shipping! Their website current states that there are new shades coming soon, so I’ll definitely be one of the first to check those out.


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