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Tiffany box pillows

I know I’m not alone when I say that I love the color of Tiffany and Co. boxes. That sweet mix of blue and green just makes me happy. So happy, in fact, that I dedicated an entire Pinterest board … Continue reading

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My bob haircut from Vidal Sassoon

One of the most frequent questions I receive on Youtube is about my  haircut. I have to admit, I LOVE my haircut. When I was a little kid, I had boyish short hair and in middle school and high school … Continue reading

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My Travel Essentials

I adore traveling. Road trips, weekend getaways, backpacking through Italy, cruises, you name it…I’m there! I do have a confession: I’m the world’s WORST packer! I don’t know why, but I always wait until the last minute to start packing, … Continue reading

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Fall is in the Air

As sad as I am about saying goodbye to summer, autumn is a beautiful time of year full of family traditions, delicious food, and gorgeous scenery. The air feels just a little more crisp, vibrant shades of yellow and orange … Continue reading

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If you’re like me, when my birthday or the holidays roll around and my family asks me what’s on my wish list, I struggle to figure out what to tell them. I know throughout the year I see things I … Continue reading

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I’m Going Back to School

I’m a student again, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! Here’s a little history about how I came to this decision. When I graduated from high school, I thought I wanted to be a doctor. Biology was my … Continue reading

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Sometimes you just need to get away

I’ve had a lot on my plate lately (more on that later!), so when I had the opportunity for a little getaway, I couldn’t pass it up! I took a nice little trip to the mountains for some fresh air, … Continue reading

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I had triplets!

Okay, well I didn’t exactly have triplets. But a few weeks ago, when I went outside on my deck, a bird flew out from a wall decoration. It scared the crap out of me! I looked over at the wall … Continue reading

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Getting back into the swing of things

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new website. This site is still a work in progress, so don’t be alarmed if certain links don’t quite work yet. I switched from Blogger to WordPress, and I’m still learning the ropes….go easy on … Continue reading

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Get cash back when you shop online: Ebates really works!

A couple of years ago I discovered something I think EVERYONE should know about, especially if you do a lot of shopping online.  Have you heard of Ebates? This website is amazing! It takes 15 seconds to sign up online, … Continue reading

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