Bubble and Bee Organic Products- and a contest!

If you saw my YouTube video, you know how excited I am about Bubble and Bee Organic beauty products.  Now that I’ve been using the products every day for the past couple of weeks, let me just tell you….I’m obsessed!  I love everything about this company- the packaging, the scent of the products (omigosh, the SCENT!), the personal service, the company philosophy and dedication to safety in cosmetics, the wealth of information they provide about what ingredients to avoid, and the effectiveness of the products.

Here’s a quick recap of what I’m using:
1) Squeezed Lime Organic Shower Gel.  This one is so amazingly wonderful and delicious, I feel the need to buy one for everyone I know, just so they can experience the joy of wrapping themselves in luxurious bubbles that smell like fresh-squeezed limes!  I never knew I could be so excited about a shower gel.  This product is pure heaven….it lathers beautifully, smells fresh and juicy, and doesn’t dry out my skin- all without the use of any toxic chemicals!  It’s my new obsession!
2) Organic Coconut & Lime Lip Balm.  This organic lip balm smells like key lime pie, is moisturizing, applies like a dream, and leaves just a hint of shine.  I’ve been using it every morning and night, and my lips have never felt better.  I can’t wait to try the other flavors. Rootbeer? Raspberry? Peppermint Cocoa?  Sign me up!
3) Coconut & Lime 100% Organic Lotion Stick.  At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this, simply because the idea of a lotion in stick format was unfamiliar territory for me.  But when I started using it, I quickly realized what a brilliant concept it really is.  Although it’s not ideal for your arms, legs, or other large areas, for dry hands, elbows, knees, or heels it is perfect!  You can apply this lotion directly to the rough spots without getting it all over your palms (whose palms are dry anyway?).  It has the same amazing key lime pie scent that the lip balm has, and absorbs quickly into my skin.  I’ve found that when I apply this to the backs of my hands and knuckles in the morning, I don’t even need to reapply lotion for the entire day.  This is a breakthrough for me.  I live in an extremely dry climate, and usually have to reapply lotion every time I wash my hands.  It’s not unusual for the skin on my hands to look somewhat reptilian…but not anymore!  I love that you apply the lotion exactly where you want it, and it doesn’t take much.  This stick will last me a LONG time!
Ready to get in on the action??  The lovely Stephanie at Bubble and Bee has offered to give away a $25 Gift Certificate to one of my readers!  How nice is that?  All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog entry telling me which one of their products you’re most excited to try.  You must be in the U.S. for this contest, and I’ll randomly select a winner out of all the comments.  The contest will close at the end of the day on August 6, 2010.

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26 Responses to Bubble and Bee Organic Products- and a contest!

  1. ipek says:

    >Thanks for the review. I'm excited about this brand! I'd like to try "Unscented 100% Organic Body Butter, 4 oz"

  2. whatthewhat says:

    >Thanks for introducing me to this line. I am really excited about their deoderant and would love to try it. I have tried other natural deoderants in the past and have been disappointed, but I have a feeling I wouldn't be by this one.

  3. Sarah says:

    >I was very excited to hear about this company, and all the products sound great! I am really looking forward to trying the Peppermint and Tea Tree Shampoo.

  4. Johna says:

    >I have been obsessively looking at Bubble & Bee's website since I saw your YouTube video. Everything looks so phenomenally delicious, but I think the Organic Lotion Stick is the product I would most love to try. It's luring me because I love the thought of only applying lotion to the backs of my hands. I hate the greasy feeling of other lotions on my palms. Of course, the divine scents are calling my name too.

  5. kimberly says:

    >I have heard great things about this company. I would love to try the Organic Lemon Shampoo. I love a company with great service and organic products!!

  6. noteasytobegreen says:

    >The raspberry and vanilla body butter looks good enough to eat! I'd really like to try Bubble & Bee; they sound like a great company.

    ailanna at hotmail dot com

  7. Shannon says:

    >I am new to Bubble and Bee and am using the rasp/vanilla body butter. I would love to try the lotion sticks!

  8. erica says:

    >thanks for the review! they sound like a great company. i'm most excited to try their new facial cleansers that just came out!

  9. Melissa Whitman says:

    >I LOVE Bubble and Bee!!! I love the shower gel, bar soaps, shampoo, deodorant, lip balm, lotion sticks, face cream, bath salts, and the raspberry vanilla body butta! Everything smells so good, sometimes I wish I could eat it! I can't wait to try out the new facial cleansers that they just made up this week, and I am still eagerly awaiting the introduction of their toothpaste!

  10. Jes says:

    >I would love to have one of their lotion sticks!! 🙂 I had a friend once show me hers (a friend of Stephanie from Bumble & Bee's little sister lol) and she let me use it/try and it was soooooo yummy!!

  11. Marge says:

    >I'd really like to try the bubble and bee pit putty. I don't use regular deodarant or anti-persperant because they make me sweat more then if I don't wear them. I love that the prices seem reasonable on all of the bubble and bee products. I've heard that the root beer lip balm is so delicious. Thanks marge

  12. dysfnctionlldoll says:

    >Thank you so much for doing this review! I found this company about a month ago and have been looking for a review on their products. The product I am most excited to try is their organic face cream. Although I would really love to try all of their products!! 🙂

  13. Emily N. says:

    >I use their Pit Putty 100% Organic Deodorant and it's great. I'd like to try their Body Butter.
    email in profile

  14. Jennifer says:

    >Thanks so much for your review! Your You Tube video was just the push I needed to place my first order from Bubble and Bee. I'm most looking forward to trying the Unscented Body Butta next.

  15. Marie Jett Designs says:

    >My first instinct was a lotion stick – what a great thing to carry around with you! Althoughhhh, I'm shampoo shopping too. The fiance doesn't like the scent of what I'm using now, and I need to find something with serious moisturizing capabilities!

  16. cacir says:

    >I want to try the lotion stick! My elbows need it so bad :]

  17. Rhi says:

    >I want to try one of their Salt Scrubs. Raspberry Lemonade? How awesome does that sound?! :] Thanks for the review and this awesome giveaway!

  18. Kim says:

    >I am so excited about this company!! I want to try to the Pit Putty! I still use regular deodorant because I can't find a natural one that works for me yet…

  19. Toula says:

    >The Pit Putty and Lime Shower Gel sound fabulous! Thank you for developing such thoughtful beauty products that are safe for my daughters and me.

  20. Amira says:

    >Hi! Thank you so much for these great reviews. I have recently started to switch to organic and natural products, this change has helped and improved my sensitive/problem skin. I WOULD LOVE TO TRY THE SHOWER GEL,SPECIALLY THE LAVENDER OR UNSCENTED ONE. I haven't been able to find a 100% organic shower gel that is moisturizing enough, hopefully this will be it!! 🙂

  21. beautyful me says:

    >Ever since you mentioned this company on You Tube, I have created a wish list. OMG, what don't I want to try?!?! I want it all. But I would have to say the top thing on my list is the shower gel; you completely sold me. And this is weird, because I do not normally care about shower gel. I would love to try the lotion stick as well, since my hands also get dry way too easily. My wish list is large – the $25 gift certificate would make my day!! Thanks for the videos and blog posts; I am soooo happy to see again 😀

  22. carrie says:

    >I have tried several brands of natural deodorant and have yet to find one that I love. I even mixed baking soda and lavender essential oil which worked well but was SO messy. Especially if you want to wear black for the day! Don't ask. *sigh* I would LOVE to try an organic deodorant that I could fall in love with and be a loyal user. Still searching…

  23. bizzeyb says:

    >I really want to try the body butter! I'm so worried every time I put on a lotion so this would be such a relief to have something organic!

  24. Bobbie says:

    >i would like to try their face wash. The pineapple one sounds yummy!

  25. Andrea H. says:

    i learned about this bubble and bee and many others from you and i love them. i found your channel when looking for Mychelle reviews. I would love for you to review “Living Libations” they have a “You Tube” channel too, but i only know of one other you tuber who uses them and I just love what they are and stand for and i think you would too.

    • My Green Gypsy says:

      Thanks for watching my Youtube videos and for commenting! I’ll go check out Living Libations…I’ve never heard of them until now! Take care! xoxo

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