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10 things I’m loving: Autumn edition

Awhile back a posted about my favorite things about summer, so now that autumn (or fall, depending on what you like to call it) is in full swing, I thought it was time to delight in all of the glorious … Continue reading

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I had triplets!

Okay, well I didn’t exactly have triplets. But a few weeks ago, when I went outside on my deck, a bird flew out from a wall decoration. It scared the crap out of me! I looked over at the wall … Continue reading

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Getting back into the swing of things

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new website. This site is still a work in progress, so don’t be alarmed if certain links don’t quite work yet. I switched from Blogger to WordPress, and I’m still learning the ropes….go easy on … Continue reading

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9 reasons to love summer

Besides the gorgeous warm weather, here are a few reasons why summer is my favorite time of year: 1. Watermelon. There is nothing like biting into a fresh, juicy watermelon and having the juice drip down your chin.  I love it; … Continue reading

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What I’m Loving Now

I have a new addiction……the healthy kind! I recently discovered the wondrous world of Teavana. I’ve always been a huge tea fan, but only really tried a few herbal teas, black tea (Lipton always did the trick!), and green tea….and … Continue reading

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