I had triplets!

Okay, well I didn’t exactly have triplets. But a few weeks ago, when I went outside on my deck, a bird flew out from a wall decoration. It scared the crap out of me! I looked over at the wall decoration, and everything appeared to be normal.


Upon further inspection, I noticed this. Looks strangely like bird poop and feathers to me.


In order to get a closer look, I pulled over one of my patio chairs and stood on it. I leaned in slowly just in case something else was going to jump out at me. Instead, I found this:


Three perfect little eggs. A couple of days later, I decided to check back again. This time, here’s what I discovered.


These three little babies were sleeping peacefully, but when they heard me approaching, they thought I was their mama.


Sorry, babies, I don’t have any food! Look how precious they are with their little mouths open. They didn’t even have their eyes open yet. I decided to try not to disturb them for a few days, but my curiosity was killing me after about a week. Let me tell you, these birdies grow up FAST!


The last time I went to check on them, all the birdies flew out of the nest, and now it’s empty. My sad little wall decoration is covered in bird poop, so before the summer is over, I plan to throw away those tired faux flowers, give the whole thing a good scrub, and get it all fixed up with some pretty new decorations.

It’s amazing to me how awesome Mother Nature is. There is constant rebirth, growth, and change. These little birdies reminded me that life is always evolving…these little birdies hatched from tiny little eggs, became helpless and vulnerable babies, and now they’re flying all by themselves. I’m also learning to fly. I’m setting my sights on some new goals, challenging myself in ways that scare me, and taking leaps of faith. I’m glad you’re on this journey with me.

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7 Responses to I had triplets!

  1. Abbie says:

    He hee, that made me giggle when you wrote about the birds hearing you approach and the photo after you said, ‘they thought I was their mama’!

    This is actually my first time on your blog, but I like how you talk about nature and simple things. 🙂 I’m definitely going to bookmark My Green Gypsy.

    I’m Abbie by the way. :=)

    • My Green Gypsy says:

      Hi Abbie! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m still figuring a few last things about (I switched from Blogger to WordPress), but so far, so good! If you don’t mind me asking, how did you stumble upon my blog?

  2. Marie says:

    Hi Cadie,
    Too funny! When I saw the title of this post I thought “No wonder she’s not making youtube videos! Knew I’d find the answer if I read enough!” Hilarious. Isn’t it amazing to watch life unfold before you, then a little heartwrenching to watch it fly away? No wonder you felt like you had triplets.

    When I lived in a second story studio, a dove built a nest in the pine bough that hung just a few feet from my balcony railing, so I stood on the handrail occasionally and peeked in at their progress. I fell in love. One early morning as I left for work a hawk flew directly over my head into the pine, then a moment later directly back from whence it came with a chick in its talons and the mama dove flying behind it, around it, over it, trying desperately to get its chick back I suppose. It physically hurt to witness, and, even thought this happened over 15 years ago, I still have to remind myself of the circle of life. The hawk needs to live, the hawk needs to live…I love birds.

    And I enjoy your blogs, thanks! Time to read more!

    Nice to “meet” you,

    • My Green Gypsy says:

      Hi Marie! I’m so happy you found me and I’m thrilled to have you watching my videos and reading my blog! My mom hasn’t made a video in awhile but still blogs. It has been an exciting and busy year for us…..I will post a new video soon and all will be revealed! 🙂 Stay tuned! xoxoxo

      • Marie says:

        Thanks for the response. I eagerly await your news and will look for a link to your mom’s blog.
        Take care,

        • My Green Gypsy says:

          Thanks Marie! Talk to you soon! Do you have a blog too? You should follow on Facebook so you get some updates too! 🙂 xoxo

          • Marie says:

            I don’t have a blog and I rarely use Facebook, but I have recently discovered this world of interesting people communicating about common interests via youtube and their linked blogs/other sites. Thanks for the suggestion. I’lll have to jump over to facebook to see what you’re talking about.
            Happy Holidays!

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