My bob haircut from Vidal Sassoon

One of the most frequent questions I receive on Youtube is about my  haircut. I have to admit, I LOVE my haircut. When I was a little kid, I had boyish short hair and in middle school and high school I had long hair and bangs/fringe. After high school, I had enough of the bangs and went through the grueling and awkward process of growing out my bangs. Because I have fine hair (and lots of it) that’s absolutely stick straight, I don’t think this was the most flattering look for me. It just looked limp, flat, and boring. And since I’m the kind of girl that likes to spend more time on my makeup and no more than 5 minutes on my hair, I never did anything with it.

In 2006 I decided to take the plunge and chop my hair off into something that would look sophisticated, polished, and stylish. But most importantly, I had to be able to style it quickly and easily. Knowing that they have an excellent reputation for cutting very precise bob haircuts, I booked an appointment at Vidal Sassoon. I remember my palms were sweating as the stylist made the first cuts, as I was chopping off about 8 inches of hair! Afterwards, I felt like a new woman. If you’ve ever cut off a significant length of hair, you know how great it feels. Your hair feels thicker, healthier, and bouncier than ever before. It’s amazing!

Long story short, I was thrilled with the results, and it’s sort of become my “signature” cut. I even had my blog logo girl designed with the same cut. Isn’t that cute?!

If you’re looking to get a similar haircut, my best suggestion is to bring pictures of what you’re looking for. For some inspiration, check out my Pinterest board. Ask the receptionist if there is someone at the salon who specializes in this type of cut, because not every stylist likes doing it or is patient enough to do it right. My bob is a-line, meaning it’s longer in the front and shorter in the back (so short in the back that they actually shave the back of my neck!). It blows dry in just a few minutes, and with a few swipes of a flat iron afterward, I’m ready to walk out the door!


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