My Travel Essentials

I adore traveling. Road trips, weekend getaways, backpacking through Italy, cruises, you name it…I’m there!

I do have a confession: I’m the world’s WORST packer! I don’t know why, but I always wait until the last minute to start packing, and it turns into a major event of cleaning out my closet and cleaning under the bathroom sink. It’s like I have to tear my whole house apart before I can decide what to pack!

When I travel, even if just for one night, I like to come home to a clean and organized house. I like to change the sheets on my bed, clean out the litter box, have all my laundry and dishes done and put away, and clean my kitchen and bathrooms. Something about coming home from a trip, opening my front door, and saying “Ahhhh, I’m home” just feels good to me. So inevitably, I end up spending my time cleaning instead of packing, and I stay up all night packing before I leave. Probably not the best habit to have!

Here are some of the travel essentials I always try to remember when I go on a trip.

1 and 2. These two palettes come from the LORAC Bejeweled Day & Night Jewelry Box that came out last winter. They are super slim and don’t take up much room in my makeup bag, yet give me tons of neutrals and fun shades to choose from when I’m doing my makeup. They’re really great quality, too!

3. My pink Tweezerman tweezers. Because you never know when a stray eyebrow hair will decide to grow!

4. A stretch jersey robe. It’s light, doesn’t take up much room in a suitcase, and I like wearing a robe when I’m getting ready– it sure beats trying to make a wrap out of those tiny hotel towels!

5. Evolu Travel Tower. This thing is genius. It’s made by Evolu, an all-natural skin care company out of New Zealand. The little jars stack on top of each other and it comes with a creme cleanser, day cream, night cream, exfoliator, eye gel, and cuticle cream. You can refill it with your own products when it runs out, and it’s super convenient!

6. Q-tips. I love using these travel containers so my Q-tips don’t get dirty and/or all fluffed up in my makeup bag.

7. Slippers. I never travel without slippers. The idea of walking barefoot in a hotel room is just disgusting to me. My bare feet never touch anything on the hotel floor. These slippers are the from Bath and Body Works, but I don’t think they carry them anymore.

8. Boscia Clarifying Detox mask. This mask is amazing at calming redness and making breakouts go away. I bring it when I travel so I can give myself a nice facial in my room at night. Pretty skin is always a must!

Off we go!

Reader feedback: What item do you always forget when packing for a trip?

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2 Responses to My Travel Essentials

  1. Victoria says:

    Hello, i saw you on youtube and loving your blog. I have a couple questions first you use lorac palettes and from my understanding they use not so natural ingridients. Do you set different standards of ingridients for different product categories? Also what camera do you use to film with . Thank you so much

    • My Green Gypsy says:

      Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! I have not yet switched 100% of my products to 100% natural ingredients. It’s a long process of researching and figuring out what works best for me. However, I will say that I tend to not be as concerned with powdered products such as eyeshadow because they mostly sit on top of the skin without being absorbed. I haven’t yet found eyeshadows that have a wide variety of shades, are easy to work with (aka pressed instead of loose), and have great staying power. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist….I just haven’t found them yet!

      As far as my video camera goes…I use a Canon Vixia! 🙂

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