If you’re like me, when my birthday or the holidays roll around and my family asks me what’s on my wish list, I struggle to figure out what to tell them. I know throughout the year I see things I love and despite my efforts to file them away in my memory, I draw a blank every time I’m asked this question. Or, if I really love something, I just buy it for myself and don’t even think that it would have made a good gift. So this year I’ve been testing a new plan. That plan is called Pinterest.

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We all know and love Pinterest for creating dream boards, learning about ways to decorate or things to cook, and oogling over cute puppies and kittens. I love fantasizing about soaking in a bath tub overlooking the serene blue waters in Bora Bora just as much as the next girl, but there are some practical ways to use Pinterest, too!

This may seem totally obvious to many of you, but how about using Pinterest to create a virtual wish list board? Maybe you call it “Cadie’s Christmas Cravings” or “Haley’s Hanukkah Hopes,” and then whenever you see something you love and is actually practical for someone to buy for you (save the mansion pins for your “Dream home” board), pin it! The next time someone asks your for your wish list, consult your Pinterest board and give ’em a few ideas. I’m not suggesting you should email blast your entire contact list or post a link on your Facebook timeline, but this will help you remember some things you may be lusting after, and the gift-giver in your life will be thrilled to get you something you love.

In case you’re curious, here’s a board I started awhile back. It began as a way for me to remember things that I actually wanted to buy, and as I bought them, I deleted the pins. Now I realized I can use it as a wish list, too!

TOMS 'Corduroy' Wedge | Nordstrom  I need these for fall!

I’m definitely lusting over these Toms wedges!

Reader feedback: What gift-giving time savers do you use? What are you wishing for this holiday season?

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