The Story of Cosmetics

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a short, hard-hitting video about toxic chemicals in cosmetics and what their impact on our health – a video that could reach millions?

It’s coming! The Story of Cosmetics, a 7-minute film from the good people at The Story of Stuff Project, Free Range Studios and (of course) the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, launches July 21.

I’m a big fan of The Story of Stuff, so when I heard that the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (a GREAT resource for info about detoxifying your beauty product stash) was coming out with the Story of Cosmetics, this made my day!  As consumers, we deserve to know and understand what ingredients are added to the products we use, so that we can make more informed choices about what we’re putting on our skin (and ultimately in our bloodstreams, tissues, and organs).  Unfortunately our governmental agencies have been very “soft” in their regulations for ingredients used in cosmetics products, but fortunately there are some great organizations helping to educate consumers.  If you watch my YouTube channel, you know I’m a proponent for toxin-free beauty products.  Do yourself a favor and check out the website for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the Environment Working Group.  They offer a plethora of information!

Help spread the word, and tell your family and friends about The Story of Cosmetics, which is coming soon!

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  1. leah mari says:

    Hi I just became your newest follower on your blog and subscriber to your YouTube channel! Love all your stuff. I have just recently done a 30 day no makeup thing (hard!!) I was using mineral makeup and have been breaking out for years. But didn't want to take or use the stuff derm. Would want me to use. I also eat gluten/sugar/dairy/corn free. I hopes of helping my skin (also for health) well anyways my skin is starting to heal up but now I'm on the search for a foundation with no bad stuff and also free of bismuth and mica. I'm sure your very busy. But after doing some research my self with no luck. I'm hoping you may have some advice! My skin is very sensitive and red! I would be so grateful. Thanks 🙂

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