Tiffany box pillows

I know I’m not alone when I say that I love the color of Tiffany and Co. boxes. That sweet mix of blue and green just makes me happy. So happy, in fact, that I dedicated an entire Pinterest board to it!

So, when I saw these pillows in Target a few weeks ago, bells went off in my head. Since they came in a set of two with a white ribbon tied around them, it was like, “Ding, ding, ding!”– these will be Tiffany box pillows! The pillows are a nice, soft, faux suede, and they do come in other colors as well. I snatched them up for $16.99 (as of this posting, they are now on sale online for $15.30). The ribbon that they’re tied with is a grosgrain ribbon (you know, the kind with the ridges on it) and it isn’t long enough for both pillows, so I ran over to Joann Fabrics and picked up a spool of white satin ribbon (with a coupon, of course!).

I watched a Youtube video on how to tie the bow just like they do at the Tiffany stores, and voila! I’m currently redecorating the room where I record my Youtube videos, and I think I know just where these will go!

Do you like?

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2 Responses to Tiffany box pillows

  1. Yes’m! Of course you know “Jane” of likes the color…as this is one in our branding! So you are re-decorating the room huh? I’d love to see pics of the whole room…now you have us all curious : )

    • My Green Gypsy says:

      It’s still a work in progress. Right now it looks like a tornado blew through it! So after I’m done, I’ll surely share pictures!

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